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We encourage all members to vote online by clicking the link below and entering your unique online voting credentials, which will be emailed to you. If we do not have an email address on file for you, we will mail your unique online voting credentials.

Members with an email address on file who wish to vote with a paper ballot must contact the credit union to request a paper ballot.

All voting will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 14, 2023.    Please contact the credit union if you have any questions.

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We have three open board positions and five candidates. Here are the 2023 candidate biographies:

Wes Bollingmo – I have been a Toro employee for 7 years in the RLC Customer Care business. I am a Technical Service Rep with a focus on the Z-Master line until recently. My newly assigned focus is on Hypercell Technology and Robotics Development. While any role in Tech service can be highly technical, the end goal is the same. We are here to take care of our customers and make sure they are lifelong Toro customers. Prior to my tenure at TTC, I spent the majority of my life at the dealer level. Starting as a service tech at the age of 14 and ending it as a Service Manager with 15 direct reports. My position at Toro was intentional. I wanted to work for TTC and I’m proud to do so today.

As a TCU member, we utilize 4 accounts. Checking and savings for my wife and I as well as checking and savings for our 16 yr. old daughter. We have also utilized lending through TCU. Getting my daughter involved in TCU has helped her to understand financial etiquette and the importance of credit health. As a TCU board member, I would enjoy having the opportunity in giving input on how better TCU can educate young people to prepare them for entering the financial world.

Andy Kemmitt – I have been employed by The Toro Company for almost 9 years. I became a member of Toro Credit Union shortly after starting with the company in 2014. Currently, I am the Finance Manager at the Shakopee Manufacturing Plant. My past roles with the company include time in Internal Audit, International Division FP&A, Cost Management, and the Ventrac acquisition (finance integration). I’m also an active Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with the state of Minnesota and have served on non-profit boards in the past.

I am grateful for the exceptional service and convenience the Toro Credit Union provides to its members. It would be an honor to be considered as a board member and afforded the opportunity to give back to the organization. My past experiences will allow me to provide insight surrounding organizational policies, financial statement expertise, internal controls, and strategic planning.

Tyler MillerIn my past 2 jobs (roughly 7 years) I worked as a banker and loan officer of varying degrees. I always wanted to be on the bank board when I retired, but I think this would be a great opportunity to do it now, especially with my career field change.

I went to UW-River Falls for business, with an emphasis in management. After graduation and a job at an automotive dealership, I decided to take a family friend up on a job offer at the bank. I was a personal banker, mainly focused on deposit accounts and small loans, but worked my way up through the ranks. I ended up leaving that position when the bank was bought and moved over to a locally owned bank as a commercial and consumer loan officer/ AVP. I oversaw some branch operations, training, and lending for my branch, as well as the legal case filings and collections. This was a family owned, customer-centric bank with many long standing customers and our number one goal was customer satisfaction.

I would like to serve on the board to continue to learn about the background dealings of a financial institution and be a part of growing the Credit Union to provide an even better value to Toro employees. I believe my banking and business experience would make me a prime candidate for the Board of Directors. I appreciate your collective consideration.

Chad Petersen– I have been a Toro employee and credit union member since 2016. Currently, my role is Standards Engineering Specialist IV within the ETS group in Bloomington. ETS [Engineering & Tech Services] serves all of Toro’s brands, but within my group we support CAD, SAP, regulatory, Acquisition/Integration, and other workflow activity in the release and revision of engineering documents.

Before coming to TTC, I had no experience with credit unions.  I have found TCU to be helpful, proficient, competitive, personal, and definitely “at-your-service”.  I would like the opportunity to be a part of such a great asset within the company.  If I should be elected to serve, my goal would be that everyone here would have the same great experience that I have had in my dealings with the credit union, along with taking a studied look at expanding services as the financial industry continues to grow and change.

Larry SchneiderI was hired at Toro on April 25th, 2022 as a Site Safety Specialist. I manage the safety process at Bloomington, all Test Sites, and Toro Robotics Colorado.

I joined the Toro Credit Union on July 12th, 2022. This is the first company I have worked at that had their own credit union. My father was a proponent of credit unions, he worked at St. John’s Hospital and they had a credit union that he belonged to. He said the rates were better than any bank. As I am preparing to finance a used car, I am finding that out. I use the credit union to take money directly out of my paycheck to hold for my house payment.

My interest in serving on the board is to get a better understanding of the way it works and to serve others. I have served on Executive Leadership Teams at Smead Manufacturing and Logic PD. My experience in that realm gave me insight into all of the seats at the table.

As a Certified Safety Professional, my interest in keeping people safe also extends to safety in the home. Financial security is important to all and is a portion of the Safety component of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I would do my finest to contribute and lend to oversight of the Credit Union.