Courtesy Pay

 No one intends on overdrawing their account, but accidents do happen.  Courtesy Pay is a valuable service that protects you and allows you to avoid the additional fees that are often charged by the merchant when an item is returned NSF.

  • Courtesy Pay is automatic for qualified checking accounts to cover checks you write or electronic ACH payments.
  • Visa Debit Card and ATM transactions will only be paid if you opt-in within ItsMe247 Online Banking.
  • $25 fee is charged per item we pay.
  • We reserve the right to return the item as NSF (fee applies) if you don’t qualify for coverage.
  • You may opt out of coverage within It’sMe247 Online Banking.
  • You must repay any overdraft balances and fees within 14 days.

Line of Credit Overdraft Protection

Qualified members can apply for an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit and never worry about overdrafts again. Funds are transferred from your Line of Credit into your Toro Credit Union checking account.

Savings Overdraft Protection

Fund in your savings account can also be transferred to cover overdrafts with NO FEES.  Please contact the credit union if you need to set this up.