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All Loan Rates - Effective July 1, 2021

Loan TypeRates as low asTerms/Information
Personal Loan7.99% Be Free-in-3
Shared Secured Loan2.10%Lower rate by pledging your primary shares
Toro Equipment Loan6.00%Receive rewards for purchasing Toro Equipment. Talk to us.
Personal Line of Credit9.00%Have peace of mind
New Auto Loan - 5 year term2.79%Affordable payments and terms. (2019 - 2021) Up to a 5 year term.
New Auto Loan - 6 year term2.99%Affordable payments and terms. 2019 model year or newer. Up to a 6 year term.
Used Auto Loan 3.04%Purchase or refinance to save money. Model year 2015-2018. Up to a 5 year term.
Used Auto Loan 5.79%Model year 6 years old or older. Up to a 5 year term.
Titled Boat or Camper Loans3.49% Put a little fun in your life! (5 years)
Non-titled ATV, Jetski & Snowmobile Loans5.99%Have fun in your life no matter the season.
Home Equity Line of Credit4.00%Access equity in your home when you need it
Home Equity Loan3.75%Fixed rate 5 year term
Home Equity Loan4.50%Fixed rate 10 year term
Home Equity Loan5.00%Fixed rate 15 year term

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